About One Mint

One Mint, formerly known as NFT Art Generator, was created in September 2021 to provide a user-friendly platform for creating and managing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Our platform is used by some of the biggest names in the industry, and we're proud to be a part of the NFT revolution...

..while we continue to innovate and make our platform accessible to all.

  • Gregory Marcilhacy

    Gregory Marcilhacy

    CEO & Founder

    Greg has previously worked at big companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Airbnb, where he gained valuable experience in building and scaling technology platforms. With his technical expertise and understanding of the industry. Under his leadership, One Mint has become a leading player in the NFT space, helping thousands of individuals and businesses create their own unique NFT collections.

  • Fernando Segre

    Fernando Segre

    Business Director

    Fernando is dedicated to driving innovation and growth in the NFT space. With a strategic approach to business development and a wealth of experience in product development, he's a key pilar in growing and solve every day challenges. As an experienced entrepreneur and with a passion for technology, he's always looking for new ways to improve the user experience.

  • Martin Souto

    Martin Souto

    Community Manager

    Martin is responsible for fostering a positive and engaged community. He brings a unique combination of skills to the team, with experience in both community management and product development. He is dedicated to ensuring that all users have a positive experience. His ability to think strategically and engage with the community makes him a valuable asset to the team and to the community.

  • Joshua Alvarez

    Joshua Alvarez

    Software Engineer

    Josh brings a professional and elastic mindset to the team, constantly seeking new solutions and ways to improve the platform. His expertise in software development and ability to adapt to new technologies make him a valuable asset to the One Mint team. His focus on efficiency and scalability ensures that the platform runs smoothly and is able to handle a large volume of users. His attention to details and strong problem-solving skills make him an integral part to create a seamless experieince.