Access List for your NFT collection.

All the tools needed to launch your NFT collection:

Create an Access List, setup a Reward System, manage collaborations and integrated with our smart contract - all in one place.

Get Started

Grow your community and reward your early supporters

A successful NFT collection starts with building a community


Customized your access-list page to make it your own.

  • Link your social accounts
  • Share about your project
  • Upload a banner


Share your access-list url to start building your community

  • No bots
  • Require Twitter and/or Discord login
  • Require a minumum ETH or SOL balance


Draw a few lucky winners or use the entire as your access-list.

  • Rarity on each attribute and layer
  • Define rules with the advanced mode
  • Metadata automatically generated

How To Use

Create Images & Metadata for your Collection

Convert your community

Easy as sharing a link and we collect high value wallets for you.


Customize the look and feel of access-list page.

Twitter and Discord login

Require Twitter and/or Discord login to access your access-list.

Twitter and Discord requirements

Require users to follow you on Twitter or be part of your Discord.

Ethereum and Solana balance requirements

Require users to have a minimum Etherum or Solana balance.

Import NFT holders

Import all NFT owners of any NFT collection.

Export your access list

Export at any time your access-list as a CSV file.

Smart contract integration

Import your access list to your One Mint smart contract in one click.