Mint date:   7/7/2022

Cat Civilization

5,000 cats living on the blockchain.Each of them has a unique personality, just like you and me.


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Story of Cats

There are various traces of human activities in the chaotic data ocean. This information is intricate and affects each other.
Even they themselves have different opinions about how these cats were born. People only know that when they are observed, what is displayed in front of them is already a multicultural civilization built on the blockchain.
He displayed various life characteristics, and even a certain intelligence, but there has been disagreement as to whether they actually have consciousness.

The birth of blockchain
When the cat civilization developed to the middle stage, a school of scholars began to question the idea of ​​creationism.
They believe that the data changes that occur from time to time in the blockchain are natural laws, and cats have evolved on this basis, and they even say that "the area we are in is not the center of the blockchain universe". speech. Not surprisingly, these heresies were brutally suppressed by the Holy See. However, as more and more cats began to believe this view, the debate intensified, so much so that a movement called "Cat Orientation" was triggered, and the burst of intellectual curiosity and rebellion against solidified traditions turned into a technological revolution. And promote the development of cat civilization into a new era.

In the cat culture, there are various versions of the description of the god. But almost all versions tend to think that God created the world and created the cat as the chief of all spirits. Cats firmly believe that they are the chosen existence.

In the beginning, the world was nothing but an absolute nothingness composed of zeros.
God said, "Let there be 1."
So there is 1.
- Cat Genesis

Data Migration Theory
Cats believe that 0 and 1 are the most basic units that make up everything, and the blockchain is the embodiment of 0 and 1.
However, the modern mathematics community has made different voices. Some cats claim that the blockchain is not the master of everything. Beyond the blockchain, there is a more vast, chaotic and dangerous information ocean. Our ancestors were born here, just Later, it migrated to the blockchain and took root here. At this point, there is [Era], and there is [Xinshi]. And those creation legends with many versions and different calibers are all traces left by the [pre-blockchain era].

"It's ridiculous! As we all know, the blockchain is the fundamental condition for everything and the key to our existence. Without the blockchain, there would be no universe, and there would be no stupid cats making stupid comments!"
——Criticized by a famous scholar cat






猫咪们相信,0和1是构成万物的最基本单位,而区块链便是0和1 的具现。


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Cat Civilization


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Cat Civilization


Creators Confession

There is no roadmap, no white book, not DC, only the creator's confession.
Cat Civilization is a collection of personal art creation. The creator is a guy with no team, no capital, and no understanding of smart contracts.
Except for the painting part, other technical work is done using the no-code functions provided by third parties.
Thanks to all the friends who are still willing to waste gas to cheer.

Cat Civilization是一个小小图片合集,都是个人作品。创作者是个没有团队,没有资本,也不懂智能合约的家伙。


Q: Why cats?
A: Purely based on my love for cats,and, Doraemon occupies a large proportion of my childhood. You can see its influence on me in some details, such as expressions.

Q: Why release in a bear market?
A: Actually, I started to create in March. At that time, there was no bear, and now we have no choice. We still have to send it out.

Q: When will it be revealed?
A: One day after mint out, but if they didn't mint out,it will be  revealed two weeks after the mint day.

Q: Do you think mint is over?
A: I don't know. I also understand that most people still make money for the purpose, so please treat it with caution. In terms of configuration, it is a Tugou project.

Q: Why is there no roadmap and white paper?
A: Because there is really no technology and resources, the creator is just a stinky painter. He doesn’t understand contracts and has no resources for commercial development. He can’t make any definite promises because he really doesn’t have the ability.

Q: Why are you so pessimistic, can't you be more positive?
A: It makes people lose self-confidence, so I plan to make a living by delivering food after posting this.

Q: Why don't you find a design job?
A: Because of capriciousness, I do not deal with Party A.
Well, the truth is that many children who draw much better than me are facing the dilemma of being unemployed, and they can't find jobs at all.

Q: Why don't you find a design job?
A: Because of capriciousness, I am not good at meeting the needs of Party A.
Well, the truth is that many children who draw much better than me are facing the dilemma of being unemployed, and they can't find jobs at all.

Q: What are the plans for the road ahead?
A: I will continue to create and I will continue to improve my skills and embrace new technologies such as Blender and AI painting. Actually, I want to draw manga, but my comprehensive ability is not enough now, so let's work harder.

Q: What else is there to say?
A: Thanks to all the friends who joined. Cats are a universe in my mind, but not the only universe. I want to keep the creative purity. I will not limit myself in the future. I may see that my next creation is a funny meme or a juvenile manga. I will be open to all possibilities. In case, I mean in case, this broken project is very popular, I am fortunate to get certain resources, and it is also possible to show the world in my heart in the form of games. But please don't expect too much from this slim possibility. The metaverse is a future full of infinite possibilities. I don’t have high expectations for the present. I hope to survive the current winter and live into that future.









A:感谢所有捧场的朋友。猫猫是我心中的一个宇宙,但不是唯一的宇宙。我希望保持创作的纯粹性。往后也不会限制自己,可能会看到我的下一个创作是搞怪表情包或者少年漫画,我会开放的对待所有可能性。万一,我是说万一,这个破项目大火特火,有幸得到一定资源,也有可能以游戏的形式去展现心中的世界。 但请不要对这种渺茫的可能抱有太高期待。元宇宙是充满无限可能的未来,我对当下的期望不高,希望能挺过现在的寒冬,活到那个未来。