Discover Staking Rewards For Your community

Keep your community engaged over time with our no-code Staking Rewards tool. Reward your community and maintain their interest in your project with your own ERC20 Token.

Dynamic NFTs

Leverage Off NFTs

With your own NFT marketplace, give holders the ability to capitalize on their NFTs by creating a market for spending rewarded tokens. No other platform offers this level of integrity with all the tools you need to create a thriving NFT ecosystem.

Unlock New Revenue Streams
One Mint's NFT Launchpad empowers NFT creators to unlock new revenue streams by launching limited editions and driving demand through scarcity.
Seamless Secondary Marketplace
With One Mint's NFT Launchpad, creators can easily drop and launch new traits on a weekly, monthly, or any desired basis, creating a vibrant and active secondary marketplace.
Dynamic Pricing Strategies
Maximize your earning potential by adjusting prices based on market conditions or user demand. One Mint's NFT Launchpad provides flexible and customizable pricing options for your NFT collection.
Exclusive Conditional Traits
Reward loyal trait holders by creating exclusive traits or items that can only be accessed by certain holders. One Mint's NFT Launchpad allows you to incentivize and engage your community in unique ways.
Unlock Hidden Content
Create NFTs with hidden content that can be unlocked by specific traits or combinations. One Mint's NFT Launchpad enables you to provide an interactive and immersive experience for your NFT holders.
Visualize Your NFTs
Preview how your traits will look on your NFT before minting. One Mint's NFT Launchpad offers an intuitive interface to help you visualize and perfect your NFT creations.

No-Code NFT Staking App

Unlock Greater Benefits with Token Staking

Token staking provides a unique opportunity for NFT holders to maximize their rewards and engagement. Explore a seamless staking journey to level up your NFT experience!

Easy to Use
Our no-code app allows you to seamlessly set up your staking rewards program in just a few clicks.
ERC20 Tokens
Our platform supports ERC20 tokens, allowing you to create a new economy for your project.
Simple and Straightforward
Our platform is designed to be simple and straightforward, allowing you to focus on your strategy.
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Upgradable & Tradable Traits

Create a Unique & Seamless Journey

Artists can now create fully swappable artwork for a custom journey. Offer Dynamic NFTs experience to your community with Upgradable Avatars, Unlockable Content with Lootboxes, or even create land plots, seasonal traits and epic items to equip and grow your traits.

Reward Loyal Community Members

Provide valuable incentives to your loyal community members, encourage participation and maintain engagement.

Rewarding loyal community members

No-Code Staking Pool Setup

Set up staking pools for your project without any coding required. Make staking accessible and easy for your community.

No-code staking pool setup

Flexible Rewards Distribution

Choose when and how to distribute rewards. Set up regular intervals or surprise your community with unexpected rewards.

Flexible rewards distribution

Increased Token Utility

Boost the utility of your tokens by enabling them to be staked for rewards. Enhance the value proposition of your project.

Increased token utility

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of staking my tokens?

By staking your tokens, you can earn rewards in the form of additional tokens or other incentives. Staking helps increase token liquidity, provides governance and voting rights, and contributes to long-term value creation for the project and its community.

How can I participate in the staking rewards program?

To participate in the staking rewards program, you will need to stake your tokens by locking them up in a designated smart contract. Once staked, you will start earning rewards based on the staking parameters set by the project.

Are my staked tokens secure?

Yes, One Mint's NFT Launchpad ensures the security of your staked tokens through a robust and audited smart contract. You can stake your tokens with confidence knowing that they are protected.

How often are staking rewards distributed?

Staking rewards are typically distributed on a regular basis, which can vary depending on the project. The distribution frequency and method will be communicated by the project team.

Can I unstake my tokens at any time?

In most cases, you can unstake your tokens at any time. However, there may be specific unstaking periods or conditions set by the project. It's recommended to review the staking terms and conditions for more information.