OneMint Adopts the 721C Standard

OneMint Adopts the 721C Standard


Gregory Marcilhacy

May 7, 2024

Embracing the Future with OneMint and the New 721C Standard

Since OneMint introduced its NFT Art Generator in September 2021, our platform has continuously evolved to meet the dynamic needs of the NFT community. Today, we're excited to announce a significant update that further solidifies our commitment to innovation and the rights of creators: the integration of the Ethereum-based 721C standard into our smart contracts.

What is the 721C Standard?

The 721C standard is an enhancement of the well-known ERC-721 standard, specifically designed to enforce royalty payments on-chain. This ensures that creators can receive their due royalties automatically, on the marketplace they choose to allow trading . This compliance not only supports creators financially but also bolsters the integrity of the NFT ecosystem.

Why 721C Matters?

Enforced Royalties

The primary advantage of the 721C standard is its capability to enforce royalty payments across multiple marketplaces that support it. Major marketplaces like Magic Eden and OpenSea now recognize and implement the 721C standard, ensuring that creators receive royalties from secondary sales without relying on the voluntary cooperation of buyers and sellers.

Broad Marketplace Support

By adopting a standard supported by leading NFT marketplaces, OneMint ensures that NFTs minted through our platform are more universally marketable and maintain their value across different platforms, enhancing liquidity and exposure.

All New Smart Contracts on OneMint

In alignment with our adoption of the 721C standard, all new EVM compatible contracts created through OneMint now support this innovative protocol. This transition not only future-proofs your NFT projects but also opens up new possibilities for creators looking for reliable royalty enforcement.

How This Affects Our Users

For our users, this update means:

  • Greater assurance that royalties are paid as intended.
  • Increased acceptance of their NFTs on major marketplaces.
  • Enhanced security and standardization of NFT transactions.

Getting Started with the New Standard

Creating a new NFT collection with the 721C standard is as straightforward as ever. Set up your collection, define your layers and traits, and let OneMint handle the rest. Our updated API documentation is available on your account page, providing all the necessary tools to integrate and activate new NFT token generation.


The adoption of the 721C standard marks a new chapter in the evolution of NFT creation and trade, reinforcing our commitment to supporting creators' rights and streamlining their experience. As the digital landscape grows, OneMint remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the demands of an ever-expanding community. For any inquiries or to schedule a demo of our new features, please reach out to us. We are here to help you make the most of your NFT endeavors.

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