Creating Dynamic NFT Collections: 5 Use Cases to Try

Creating Dynamic NFT Collections: 5 Use Cases to Try


Austin Chia

August 24, 2022

Since their inception, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been used in a variety of ways. From digital artwork to gaming assets, NFTs have provided a new way for users to interact with content on the blockchain.

Recently, we've seen a growing interest in dynamic NFT collections! These collections allow users to upgrade their NFTs with add-ons or special traits.

In this blog post, we will explore 5 dynamic NFT use cases that you can try yourself!

Let's get started.

What Are Dynamic NFTs?

Dynamic NFTs are non-fungible tokens that can be "grouped" together to create a collection. These collections can be generated and used for a variety of purposes, such as providing upgrades to digital artwork or gaming assets.

One of the benefits of dynamic NFTs is that they offer a new way to interact with content on the blockchain.

Another benefit of dynamic NFTs is that they provide a more affordable way to own multiple NFTs. With traditional NFTs, you would need to purchase each individual NFT separately. With dynamic NFTs, you can purchase a single NFT representing a collection of add-on NFTs.

What are 5 Dynamic NFT Collection Use Cases To Try Today?

So, what are some dynamic NFT use cases that you can try? Let's take a look at five of them!

  1. Use Case #1: Collectibles
  2. Use Case #2: Digital Artwork
  3. Use Case #3: Game Items
  4. Use Case #4: Event Tickets
  5. Use Case #5: Loyalty Programs

Use Case #1: Collectibles

One dynamic NFT use case that you can try is collecting collectibles. Collectible NFTs can be used to represent a wide variety of things, like sports collectibles.

For example, Candy Digital launched a collection of Major League Baseball (MLB) dynamic NFTs. The utility of dynamic NFTs comes in when each player's stats get updated throughout the season as traits on their respective NFT collectible.

To get started creating a collectible dynamic NFT, you will need to find a no-code platform that can generate dynamic NFT collections such as the OneMint Dynamic NFT Launchpad. The NFTs you generate on OneMint also allow tradable traits on the add-on marketplace!

Use Case #2: Digital Artwork

One dynamic NFT use case is digital artwork. This can be used to create ever-changing displays of art or to experiment with new ways of displaying digital NFT art.

For example, you could create a dynamic collection of digital art that changes based on the time of day or the weather conditions. You could also create a dynamic collection that is influenced by the actions of users on your website or app.

Use Case #3: Game Items

With the rise in attention to GameFi Play-to-Earn games over the past few years, there's a need to create unique NFT game items that stand out from the rest. Game items are a good way to utilize the features of dynamic NFTs well!

Dynamic NFT game items can include:

  • in-game currencies
  • power-ups
  • in-game virtual goods

Unlike traditional game items, dynamic NFTs could change or evolve over time, based on how they are used in the game. Through the use of add-on traits, a dynamic NFT weapon or armor could be upgraded!

For example, a dynamic NFT sword could become more powerful the more it is used in battle. Dynamic NFTs could also be used for things like in-game achievements tied to an NFT.

Use Case #4: Event Tickets

NFTs can be used as dynamic event tickets as well.

For instance, a user could buy an NFT ticket to a music festival or event that's happening in the future. The ticket could have dynamic information, such as the lineup of the festival, embedded into it. As more information about the event is released, the ticket's NFT would update accordingly, before it gets printed on the event date.

You might also want to allow upgrades to event ticket holders as well! By taking advantage of the add-ons, you can upsell your current ticket holders a better seat/tier level by simply adding on to their original NFT tickets. This might help you save some costs for your NFT project!

Use Case #5: Loyalty Programs

NFTs can also be used in loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are a great way to use dynamic NFTs because they can be customized to fit the needs of any business.

For example, a user could earn an NFT for every $100 they spend at a certain store. The NFT could be stored on the user's blockchain wallet and could give the user access to exclusive discounts and rewards.


As you can see, there are many dynamic NFT use cases that you can try. These are just a few examples to get you started. If you're looking for a platform to get started creating your dynamic NFTs, be sure to check out the OneMint Dynamic NFT Launchpad!

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